A font suitable for drinks

A friend of mine gave me the advice to think of how a font could be used before starting designing it. Which is kind of obvious. But previously I sometimes just started to create shapes of letters and the letters then formed the typeface – without having a certain use case for it in mind.

For this font I wanted to create something that could work on labels, or for menus, for drinks and cocktails. I was aiming for a clean sans-serif with an old retro classy feel to it. Imagine a classic font from the 20’s or 30’s ish.

Coloring and possible cards for the different cocktails. The mockup was made using templates from Mr Mockup.

At the moment most of the uppercase letters are done. And also most of the numbers. I’m still struggling with the captial S (which in my mind always is a tricky letter), as well as the numbers 2, 4 and 5.

Well, this is what it looks like for now. I will continue working with the remaining letters. And also try to come up with a good name for this font.

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